Korean armies for DBA

I bought enough miniatures from Khurasan to make all possible Korean armies for DBA 3.0. Below you can see almost all the miniatures painted and then gathered according to the different armies.

II/75 Paekche & Kaya Korean
1 General (Cv or 4Kn), 1 cavalry (Cv or 4Kn), 1 cavalry (Cv), 4 Spearmen (3Pk), 4 archers (3Bw), 1 archers (Ps).

II/76 Koguryo Korean
1 General (4Kn), 1 Cataphracts (4Kn), 1 Son Bae (3Kn or 4Kn) or horse archers (LH), 1 Malgal horse archers (LH), 1 armoured archers (4Bw), 2 long-spearmen (4Pk) or militia (3Pk), 2 militia archers (3Bw), 1 Malgal or other archers (Ps or 3Bw).
LH is Chinese because the beautiful Malgal archers came in blisters of twelve but Chinese in four and I only needed two riders.

II/77a Shilla Korean
1 General and Chong (Cv or 4Kn), 1 hwarang (3kn or LH), 1 Cavalry (Cv), 4 spearmen (3Pk), 1 crossbowmen (4Cb), 3 archers (3Bs), 1 archers (Ps).
Here I'm using heavy archers as crossbowmen because Khurasan sells them in packs of twelve and I only needed four so I did not buy them.

II/77b Shilla Korean
1 General and Chong (Cv or 4Kn), 1 hwarang (3Kn or LH), 1 cavalry (Cv), 2 spearmen (3Pk), 1 crossbowmen (4Cb), 3 archers (3Bw), 2 red banners spearmen (4Pk), 1 archers (Ps).

III/57 Koryo Dinasty Korean
1 General (Cv), 1 armoured cavalry with lance & bow (Cv), 1 horse archers (LH), 4 spearmen (4Bw), 4 archers (4Bw), 1 guerrillas (3Pk) or archers (Ps).
For this army I needed four more heavy pikemen but again; blisters come in twelves and I was not going to buy it for just four of them.

Below a close picture of a general Cataphract.

Khurasan miniatures are are nice and quite unique although a bit pricey. A pity they do not sell DBA armies.


The Relief of Karbutzal. A Warmaster game.

A few weeks ago and after a few years, me and my buddy played a game of Warmaster with 2.000 points armies. I played with my Orcs as usual, and as usual I lost the game. My friend picked up his High Elves.
The Relief of Karbutzal is an scenario from the Warmaster ruleset in which the attackers, the Elves, had to pass through the defending Orcs who have built a wall of dung, to relief the hold of Karbutzal.

The Orcs could have won the day but the brigade of Trolls refused to activate for five consecutive turns! Below you can see some pictures of the battle:

Orcs on the right deployed in advanced but even so they could not reach the wall before the Elves.

Soon Elves mounted archers on the road started to rain arrows upon the poor Orcs.

The hand or Mork!

Elf army penetrating through the entrance and Trolls doing nothing!

Elves chariots charging in the open and decimating the remaining Boar Boyz.

End of the game. The Elves army passing around the last survivors of the Orc army, heading to Karbutzal. Mayor victory for the Elves.


Chaos Comes!

After playing my first game of  Dragon Rampant with my Zombicide Black Plague Undead army (see previous post), I retook my long abandoned Chaos forces and resumed painting.
Here are my first unit of heavy infantry or bellicose with shiny armour, six Chaos warriors.

 The standard bearer is from Gamezone. I love this guy's attitude!

This one is an old Chaos knight from GW. I tried to match the shield with his helmet.

Another old dude from the glory days.

I think this shield matches perfectly with the shape of his helmet. GW again.

This chap is from Gamezone. I removed two severed heads from his left hand because it was very difficult to glue them.

I also painted this unit of Chaos hounds. I bought seven of them already painted but in such poor state that I seriously considered to strap off the painting and start from scratch. In the end I repaired them and add three more to complete a unit for Warhammer and here is the result.

And here there is my new army for my next game of Dragon Rampant, something with more punch. Two bellicose barbarian from Grenadier, one heavy unit or bellicose with extra armour, one unit of lesser beasts and one magician..

Now I discovered a small King of War community in my city and I am going to finish my Chaos army to play it as well. I think I can reach 2k points including some beastmen and minotaurs as allies.


More Zombicide Black Plague painting

I dipped the Deadeye walkers from Zombicide Black Plague to used them for my first Dragon Rampant game.

Below you can see the whole army taken from the book: 1 Ghoul bellicose unit (the running zombies), 4 venomous hordes (normal zombies) to be summoned in the battlefield, two light missiles units (Deadeye walkers) and the necromancer; all the minis from Black Plague.